miercuri, 18 mai 2011

The shrinking factor

Chaos. Arranged and organised. First work then fun. We eat if we have time. Honey, it's a rough one but I'll be home for Christmas. Hobbies? A good sleep. Sun shines so hot today. Comrade I report that the reports are much and many. Not any. And anyway it is my way. My choice of destiny. The music flows and blows itself away in me and further on the path to be. Piano pianoforte pianissimo. HisHer voice. Passion and prizes. That's all life is. Work for a greater future. We'll built a windmill. Or six. All animals are equal. Some more equal than the others. Shivers down my ear' spine. Inside I'm #still a living being.  Hardly the music flys me but the stress beats me. It will be my slut. I'll traine for that. A wrinkle old one is delightfully enchanted by the music. Money for nothing and all for free. Time to say good-bye as time goes by and time will fly. Enjoy the smile of one, the  laugh of all, the shine of sun, the warmth of people, voice of music, the sound of voice.
Live. Love. Laugh. Life is beautiful. Everything is happening for a reason. The joy of life doesn't come unexpectedly. It's there. Now and forever. Pick me. Pick me! I love it! And smile it.

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