joi, 15 septembrie 2011

How about a helping hand for running feet?

My dear friends, this is the story:

Autumn is begging and so are some great events! For example the Bucharest International Marathon on the 9th of October and this is pure excitement for me. I have never participated into such a great competition and some time ago I couldn’t even run a couple of km. 

However, things are changing this year! I’m going to be a part of team (with three colleagues of mine) and participate in the Team Relay that means my first target is a quarter of o marathon – 10.5km.  If numbers don’t tell you much, the distance each of one covers is almost the same one as from Piata UNIRII to BANEASA Airport!

 Besides the fun of running (and the effortJ) the greatest things of all is that YOU can also participate in a fabulous way. I (together with the whole teamJ) am running for Hospice Casa Sperantei and this is the point where YOU can be an active part of this marathon!  YOU can help to improve the lives of children and adults with terminal illnesses across Romania. 

 I’m asking YOU to support my participation at the Marathon with ANY amount - there is no small (or bigJ) amount –, that will fully go to Hospice Casa Sperantei. Even better, the company I work for – P&G – is matching our raised money. That means that for every RON YOU donate, Hospice Casa Sperantei gets two. Super!

I must be honest with YOU and say that I have still never run the 10.5km distance at once and still the time results are not satisfactory for me. Now I would run the 10.5km in around 70 minutes (mathematical projection), but for the race my aim is at the 60 min goal. YOU could encourage me to reach the target by raising the amount of money YOU are willing to spent (or even double itJ). I will be my first supporter and will donate 75 lei (regardless of my race results) and will double the donation if I reach the 60 min target.

If YOU feel like contributing, you can send me back an email/message with your donation.  I will complete after the race the official donation papers and collect the money. Or you can safely donate by credit card online Donating through JustGiving is simple, fast and totally secure.

 I thank YOU all for your support in contributing to a better life for children and adults with terminal illnesses.

Be happy,

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